A Rant…On UWP


Microsoft has this thing called the Universal Windows Platform. It is essentially software that allows programs to run across the types of devices that run Windows 10. The UWP acts like a container which means the programs can’t reach out and make drastic changes that users may have to go in and fix if something goes wrong with an application. The platform is essentially what you get when downloading an app on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Okay so here is the thing with the UWP, some people do not like it. They feel it’s this infringement on their use of a PC. Some developers feel like it is a step to wall off the PC gaming garden.


The Universal Platform at its basest nature, is about modernizing application development. Windows over its 30 plus years has accumulated clogs of coding languages, tools, and workarounds for running software; but not a modern one.

Think of those times your PC ran slow or you thought you deleted a program or game and it’s still there in the system; this is the stuff some like to call good thing.

The second part of the UWP is to make it easier on USERS. Easy installs, quick up and runtimes, safely contained, and most importantly easily deleted without issue. I mean when was the last time you went to a site to download an application?  Most don’t, and if you do how do you know that site is legit? Bitch about the Windows store, but it’s vetted.

Now the third reason is simple; the PC as you and I knows it needs to DIE.

The PC market is fast becoming a niche but also long in the tooth. User expectation for devices has changed. Most people work within the browser screen or off a mobile phone. The legacy and past have forced Microsoft to maintain a status quo that now hinders. The development model needed changing to be competitive; to make PCs strong.

So suck it up kiddies cause change is coming.


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