Microsoft and Design: New Hire and New Digs


Occasionally I want to do posts on Microsoft’s design teams when information pops up. I had planned to do this big opus about Microsoft and the evolution of design as part of the company but I don’t have enough to do it justice or enough sources to satisfy the OCD gods.


So I’ll say this…..


Microsoft over the last 4 or 5 years has slowly been building up its design capabilities to enhance its products. The most recent trend started with its Entertainment and Devices Group which created its own incubation and design group, Pioneer Studios. Pioneer and some other elements were absorbed into the mother ship and now form the nucleus for Microsoft OS design group headed by Windows Phone alum/co-creator Albert Shum.


This week the big news is Adobe’s Michael Gough to be Corporate VP of the Applications and Services Group under former Windows chief Julie Larson-Green. Similar to his work at Adobe, Gough will be working on user experience design and branding on services such as OneDrive, Office, and MSN. Gough also may work on inking experiences something he’s familiar with as the public face for Adobe’s Stylus and drawing apps for the iPad.


In other news the big Windows 10 event not only unveiled HaloLens but it also was the day the OS design team cut the ribbon on its new digs (location classified). The event was celebrated on Twitter by the Windows Phone design team, the official Microsoft Design account, and numerous members of the OS group. The space will bring together the design teams working on Windows (desktop/tablet/phone), Xbox, and now Windows Holographic.

images: Microsoft and GD USA


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