Today marks the ten year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. It is weird to think back to how different the mobile landscape was and is because of the iPhone.

For many people the iPhone is the first smartphone.

I know it was for me anyway.

Back in 2007 the launch of Apple’s kind of began and ended in the small backwater of the tech news section. There was no live stream or coverage beyond the handful of tech and smartphone websites.

Hell I don’t even remember how I learned about it.


Where I lived the big phone was Motorola’s Razr flip phone. I remember that because I had a neighbor that just kept buying them. The larger smartphone world was one in which Nokia and RIM (later Blackberry) were the big platforms in mobile. Then Steve Jobs announced a device that brought together, “Widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communication device”, into one form factor. And the world is still reeling.

The first device didn’t have an app store and was underpowered when compared to nerdier fare. See the iPhone wasn’t the first mobile phone, but it was the one to cross over. It was the first device to cross out the boardroom and power users to normal people. It opened the way for the modern computing experience we have now.

And it made Apple the Brand we know now.

The aftershocks from 2007 is still being felt. Services like Airbnb, Instagram, Snapchat, and Uber all sprang from mobile. Android was born in reaction to the iPhone. Companies like Palm and Microsoft redesigned their products to compete. It made a few companies retire. It retrained and changed user behavior and expectations. It created a whole new set of software and interface interactions.

It gave us the lines at the Apple store.

So as we wait for the inevitable event that will be the iPhone 8 let’s tip the hat to the OG iPhone.