Windows 10 Cloud for Everyone?

The last Windows 10 Cloud post (for now)……….

So Windows 10 Cloud; runs only apps from the Store, can be upgraded for a fee, and most likely will be revealed on the 2nd of May. Target market at launch looks to be education. We may even get a new Surface for our troubles.

Okay got it?


So what is the benefit of this thing for you, me, and the guy playing Solitaire on a netbook from 2000?

First things first. Windows 10 Cloud is competing with Chromebooks chiefly which means this is the low end of computing. So budget to middle devices. This is not gaming rig or Adobe whatever material. It runs stuff from the Windows Store, so stop bitching about Chrome or Firefox (you can always upgrade to full Windows). So what we have is a slightly lightweight and appliance like version of Windows. The kind of device that would be used for light browsing and cheap enough that if lost it wouldn’t be a big deal.

So who would buy this? Potentially people who want a simplified computing experience. For every person who wants to tinker with the OS, there is someone who wants something that quick boots so they can go. Another customer are those who need a second device. Maybe you game but want a PC for non gaming stuff or you need a travel computer; this may be for you. Lastly you just need something with a keyboard to use the Internet on. Say a parent wants to give their kid a computer for college. Something durable to last the four or more years away. Or you’re a person that lives on your phone but sometimes needs a larger screen.




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