The Gun

If we see real gun control after the Orlando shooting, I will be surprised.

Actually it would be ironic given how much money is spent to protect 2nd Amendment rights after similar events.

You know fuck this shit.

I am glad people are tired of the homophobia (even if they practice it) and they wear the rainbow and holler love is love and bitch about Conservatives for their various sins against the country and politics.

I love the various think pieces describing the act as either anti-gay and/or terrorist. I love how we say shit gets better, while also getting reminded how much gun violence happens in the United States of America.

Thank you and fuck you all the same like we needed a reminder.

Why is it this event is the catalyst for all this soul searching?

I mean really?

Now we aren’t safe?  Shit we have never been safe or secure.

So now that Isis’s name has been tossed around, we can all get on board banning weapons that clearly are for the maiming of human life.

Where was this when inner city violence was spiking? Or is it no one gives a damn if random brown bodies have holes and neighborhoods get turned over for bullshit.

The cynic in me doesn’t believe the little rainbow pin on your chest nor the monologue coming out of your damn mouths.


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