The Cynic’s Lament

Apathy is sometimes the only true defense against madness….but only to a point.

Last night in Orlando, Florida a shooting happened. At the time I am writing 50 were killed and 59 injured when a gunman held club goers at the Pulse hostage. The club was a gay hotspot and the shooter was apparently an ISIS sympathizer committing the act in their name.

It was a heinous act we will add to list of acts that will be analyze for the next few weeks. So the story will go through the familiar beats: The killer, the victims, the outrage, the larger context, the handwringing, the posturing, the update, and the fade away. We will make statements condemning the attack. We will make statements how this act will be met with defiance, love is love, and how this will get better.

But will it?

Beyond gun control. Beyond closing down Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Beyond PSA’s and hashtags; what do you do to put the demon back in the pit?
We have this epidemic that is happening because the world is changing and some honestly are confused by it all. There is this new world being built that is different than the one we had and it makes some angry and some uncomfortable and other’s feeling disconnected. And that disconnect is slowly being filled by things that honestly are killing people.
I mean has anyone heard how we describe ISIS? It feels as much like a viral epidemic than a terrorist organization. The collection of mass shooters seemed to be bound together by this disconnect from the world that sees them try to reassert order by violent means. And these people are not strangers or freaks; they come from next door.
And every time this violence happens we examine what went wrong. We find people to blame; but we all forget about it afterward.
There is only so much that can be said before the words become meaningless because the ones that need reaching can’t hear. And until they can be reached the cycle will continue.


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