We Don’t Talk No More

When was the last time you really talked to someone?

You know that deep conversation that got uncomfortable and messy that most likely end in tears or anger.

And when was the last time you tried you worked to actively listen to someone?

Even when you don’t care or think it’s stupid or you’ve heard it all before?

In 2016 we have a plethora of tools, services, and forums from which we can tweet, post, and upload every emotion and thought one can muster.

But why does it feel like it’s all being said in an empty room?

If you live on the Internet (or just make a lot of trips there) you see people communicating but only in enough for them either troll somebody or reinforce what they think and hope for kudos from the like minded.

It often feels like the whole purpose of modern communication is to be this weird combination of a virtuous cycle and a circle jerk for fellow travelers; with the occasional troll flare up.

I mean for every issue there is chatter but little clarity and less listening. It is call and response without a goal.

And as much as I would like to see it stop I doubt it ever will.

I mean we all do it and its fine because we’re doing it…right?


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