At some point we cross over the point where the con fort and security of innocence is broken by the cruel touch of reality.

Sometimes it’s the realization that your closely held beliefs are shared by everyone or the reality you had is taken from you.

Reality is as they say a harsh mistress.

Today is World AIDS Day. It a day in which we observe the impact of AIDS and HIV has had on the world.

One year ago I had a friend of mine die from complications of Pneumonia due to HIV. I didn’t know he had it.

He wasn’t the type that one imagines when you think of someone who has HIV/AIDS. He wasn’t on drugs, running around, or a gay man on the down low. He didn’t look sickly.

He didn’t fit the profile.

And the thing is there is no profile.

There is no face, no type that you can scream AIDS-face.

HIV affects women, men, and children.

So on this day I want to take a minute and remember.



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