Give Me Something New

You know whenever I start to write about Windows Phone-Mobile I hit this wall.

Like the words are there but they are blocked by this mental barrier. And I have struggled to understand what this thing was until recently.

The fact is the only thing said about Windows’ mobile effort is all about how it’s faltering. About how Microsoft is abandoning it; OEMs are abandoning it; how software developers stay away from it.

We talk about it always dying. How Windows is and was to late to matter in mobile. How Microsoft only Plan B is to use Android. We make jokes about things coming SOON.

I’ve read the analysis around Windows Phone’s dwindling numbers, it’s lack of features, and it’s precarious importance to Microsoft.

Microsoft came out with a new set of phones and commenters complain they aren’t enough. Windows Phone adds a new feature and we go, “Who’s going to use THAT”.

So five years and Windows Phone has been dead or irrelevant for at least four of them.

So let me ask this question: What’s NEW.

Windows Phone is where it is and everyone knows it. So what new analysis, what new insight can the peanut gallery provide that will give us a glimpse of what’s next.

I mean let’s talk about how Microsoft should be an app provider. Or write a post on how Android is a better fit for Microsoft than Windows. Or hell let’s talk about Microsoft getting out of mobile altogether and let Google and Apple fight over mobile while Redmond moves the hell on.

I will take almost anything over this insipid mishmash of bitching, moaning, and Apple shinning that I see going on now.


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