The Break in Nadella’s Chain


So we are now in the Satya Nadella era of Microsoft and honestly all is right with the world. He is making the moves many have long asked Microsoft to make. Office is on mobile devices. Microsoft is making services cross platform. And the “specter” of Windows 8 has been replaced by the well received Windows 10.

People Mr. Nadella is ready for his hagiography.

But before we go that far I think we need to discuss one of the potential problems Microsoft will have to navigate; Windows itself.

As Microsoft has moved more of its services cross platform many are asking what is the point of Windows. While Nadella has put forth a goal of getting billions on Windows 10 and getting people to love the OS, the company seems neglectful. While many praise Outlook for iOS Outlook on Windows still needs finishing. People also complain about the fact that Windows 10 isn’t as good on tablets as Windows 8 was. Lastly many are asking if everything is available on Android and iOS what differentiates Windows and Windows Mobile.

A lot of the of the good vibes around Microsoft stems from Nadella not being Ballmer but also that a lot of his moves are not about making the preciouses not have to touch icky Windows. But as Microsoft increasingly makes its services work cross platform Windows has become a sort of Black box.

For some enthusiasts Nadella is here to KILL Windows and especially Windows Phone.

It is clear Satya Nadella wants to change Windows and Windows Phone. When he or the company talk about More Personal Computing they mean Windows and Windows Mobile. But I also think he sees the need for Windows to change its approach. Windows 10 was about reaching out to desktop computer users, but its future is in creating a product that is wanted by users.

I think the future of Windows, at least from my view, will increasingly involve hardware. While Nadella may have been against the purchase of Nokia hardware, he has championed the Microsoft Surface and HoloLens. I think he sees hardware as this lynchpin for the Windows platform. Now the question is can Windows be that platform.


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