Bury your flags

I feel like I need to preface this by saying I am an African-American man that was born and raised in the South. In fact I was born in the state that birthed noted Civil war general and founder of the Ku Klux Klan Nathan Bedford Forrest. I understand exactly what the Confederate Stars and Bars represent to anyone who is Black in America.


I said that to say I think the anti-Confederate flag movement is a non-issue.

The Confederate flag or at least the one we think of is an invention of the Civil Rights era. It was put up in opposition to a growing movement for Black empowerment; a warning. But I also know for some it’s a symbol of state’s rights and a history they aren’t ashamed of.

Now if I was younger I’d be like tear it down, burn it, and (expletive) any honky who protests. I’m older and that flag holds no power over me. And its destruction or desecration is only symbolic. And that what’s going on.

No one except that young shooter could’ve stopped the horrible thing that happened at Mother Emmanuel AME. Nine good people died and we can’t bring them back. Removing all vestiges of the Confederate flag or even history from the South won’t change what happened; and can only provide moderate relief. It is being done cause this we can do.

But the problem we have is all we’re doing is avoiding the larger issue and not facing it head on.


The thing about history is it happened. The Confederacy existed, slavery existed; African-Americans are here in this country because it needed a labor force. The Civil War is remembered about being about ending slavery but reality was it was about more. And the slave part only became prominent when it became necessary.

See we like are problems and are solutions to be black and white and easy to resolve like a 50’s sitcom. But life isn’t black and white. It is messy and the resolution is often just as messy and prone to leave things unfinished.

But that’s okay cause we don’t sell them flags no more and that’s that.


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