Is this Love?

So I ran across this interview with writer and hip hop personality Karrine Steffans aka Superhead. It was an interview about her relationship with the rapper Lil Wayne with radio personality DJ Vlad. It was snippet of an obviously larger interview but the thing that struck me was how Steffans talked about her “relationship” to Wayne.

I don’t often write about this type of stuff but Steffans comments and her thinking left an impression.

Now for those that don’t know Karrine Steffans is famous for having relationships with numerous rappers and actors; which she later wrote about in a series of memoirs. Steffans is a controversial subject in hip hop circles because of her disclosures. I am not going to talk about that but about her and Wayne.

It seems that Wayne and her have been in a very, very open relationship for years now. It’s not like a traditional open relationship where both agree going in, set up rules, and make sure whoever they sleep with understand. It’s more like they just are and occasionally have other people.

It would be a modern thing except for the part that both have married and/or became engaged to people. Wayne had kids with multiple women, and Steffans expect any man she dates or marries to be okay with her running off when Weezy F Baby calls.

Now Steffans says these guys get with her knowing this because, “they like being with the woman of a powerful man”. Maybe that is true; maybe its getting with Superhead. Maybe they think they’ll change her, I don’t know. But as she explains they always leave; she expects them to leave.

I have no idea what the women that get involve with Wayne think, especially the one’s that have his kids.

I don’t know but it doesn’t seem like a healthy situation foor anyone because no one has any type of relationship. Wayne and Steffans are a loose concept of a couple; he goes to her when he needs to and she waits like 911. Anyone that walks in is at best a guest and at worst a fuckbuddy. Anyone trying to get hitched is silly cause they are committed until the call comes in. Steffans doesn’t want anything that creates the semblance of ownership or owing and in terms doesn’t value the guys she let’s in cause she’s waiting on them leaving.

It’s a mess or maybe it is love and I am too archaic to understand it.

I’m off to a monestary, y’all can have this mess.


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