Build 2015: The Last Stand

So it’s that time again, Microsoft’s Build conference. In a few minutes Microsoft will once again take the stage in San Francisco’s Moscone Center to talk about Windows and Azure. This time the Redmond gang will be talking Windows 10 and Windows across devices.

This year finds Microsoft in the now familiar position of underdog trying to sell developers on a platform many consider irrelevant, especially in mobile computing. Windows 8 wasn’t well received and Windows Phone has only made headway as budget phone option (barely). Microsoft’s own moves to push out services on other platforms has left users confused and concerned as to whether Microsoft still considers Windows valuable. And I will not even start on how people are reacting to changes in the UI/UX of Windows 10; let’s just say it is ugly.

So Build will be important because people want a definitive answer, let us hope Microsoft has the answers.


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