The Conversation

Do you hold or have any thoughts that if said would change the way people would perceive you?

Are you an atheist who thinks the world would be better off if there was no concept of God?

Are you a person who believes in marriage being between a man or a woman?

Are you a person who feels there is no real race problem only agitators waving a stick?

Are you a person who feel like gamers hate women, gays, and minorities?

Or are you someone who feels like its all too much? (which is what I feel like some days)

It does feel like some days the world is asking me to take public stands or simply respond in some Pavlov-ian way to some hot button issue. In a world where people want to be adjective-less we add a lot of qualifiers. Right now I am an African-American heterosexual cis-male I have to add other terms to describe my political and religious denomination.

We exists in a world where we have this tremendous technological lifestyle and it should be this freeing instrument. We now can communicate and see everyone but we choose to limit our interactions to those who share and reinforce our views. It isn’t just the FOX News or conservative Christian crowd who does it anymore. And when you combine this with social media you create this echo chambers of “Me Too”. Online it is so very easy to be a troll even when using your own name; responding to things people say and do without thought.

All this has left me thinking that I really want to find that rock everyone is supposed to be under.

I think we have come to a point where on some level we cannot live with the idea there are people who don’t think the way we do. We no longer can deal rationally with our differences so we’re building walls to contain us and keep out them. And I don’t know if that is ultimately good or bad.


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