Aluminium, Gold, and Steel: The Apple Watch Revealed


So Apple revealed the Apple Watch, again, yesterday along with a price drop for the Apple TV and a new MacBook.

The Apple TV (Briefly)

I’m not going to go through the Apple TV news except to say it’s price has dropped down to $69 from it previous $99 price tag. Apple TV is also getting HBO Now, HBO’s new steaming service not tied to cable that will run you 15 dollars a month. No new hardware or services. And that was Apple TV.

MacBook, Slim and Plain

The most interesting device to come out of yesterday’s announcement in my opinion (and seemingly others) wasn’t the watch; it was laptop. The MacBook (just MacBook) is Apple’s first fan less laptop. Apple’s says it’s a reinvention of the notebook; with a 12 inch Retina screen powered by a Intel Core M processor and littered with batteries. The new Mac is thin, thinner than the Air and weighing 2 pounds.


The keyboard is a new design that goes edge to edge on the device and is almost like the Microsoft Type Keyboard or the Dell XPS 11’s.The MacBook also comes with a new Force TouchPad that includes a form of haptic feedback and the ability to do a force click which brings out things like definitions and maps.  The MacBook comes in three colors similar to the iPad: Gray, Silver, and Gold. The big news about the device is it has one port, and that port is the not widely available USB-C. The new Mac is like a better designed version of 1st MacBook Air (that had more ports). The new MacBook will run you $1299 before tax. Personally I can’t wait for the PC clone of this thing.

And now the not iWatch


And this is part of where the wheels go off. Let me preface this by saying I was an Apple user and I like Apple products. Many of the company’s products are lust-worthy (see new MacBook). Having said that I don’t get the Apple Watch. Apple left the Watch to the end and added two products that shouldn’t have been there to I guess pad the affair out. What we got was one celebrity endorsement in the form of model/activist Christy Turlington-Burns (who’ll be blogging about her experiences) and a demo session by Apple VP Kevin Lynch that was sort of awkward. It was interesting that the watch section of the program was the part Apple CEO Tim Cook had the most stage time.


He tried very hard to make the case for the Apple watch and at best it seems its to provide glancible information without pulling out your phone. The Apple watch will come in three models: Sport, Steel, and Edition (Gold). The Sport is the cheapest starting at $349 and the gold Apple Watch Edition will run $10,000 on the low. Looking at the videos showing the process of making the watches its clear they were well designed; truly lovely pieces of wearable tech. The problem for me is the Apple Watch is more jewelry than tech. Beyond this being an Apple branded device I see no point why you’d buy it. It’s use cases are limited and niche. Like someone else said this will be bought so one can say, “I bought an Apple Watch”.

Maybe its me but the presentation left me feeling what I’ve long suspected; Apple is the Nike of technology.


images: Apple


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