Spring Foward…for the Apple Watch

Tomorrow Apple is expected to announce its apple Watch to the world. This is largely due to the invitation to the announcement said “Spring Forward”. Recently there was also a rumor that the presentation may include a new MacBook Air with a Retina Screen (perhaps even the MacBook Air 12 since we’re speculating).

What is there to say? This is the apple Watch; the rumored device that made a number of device makers jump into making jewelry. It was announced and now it is finally here for us to covet. Out of all the gadgets dubbed the next big thing by pundits and enthusiasts, smart watches never made sense. I get the nerd-love, it’s a new technical toy to play with when the smartphone no longer tickles the fancy. Fitness monitors like FitBit, the Nike Band, and the Microsoft Band provide health information (and this is to me the big potential benefit of these digital rubber bands). However other than a niche use smart watches seem to be nerd jewelry. But hey, this is Apple the company that can do no wrong and it’s watch will sell like and it will disrupt everything again and we will all covet the timepiece whenever it goes on sale.

If you want to watch live (this requires you have an Apple device) go HERE.

image: Hardwarezone.com


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