Exclusive: The Surface Courier and Surface Hub Home

Okay Microsoft comes out with a new Productivity Future video and I admittedly want to go to there.


The new video for me is a little different from past ones because much of what’s shown now represents real world products. Almost everything in this video corresponded to a product available now or soon to be out. So what does the future hold for the Surface? Thinner bezels, screens, and new form factors.

The evolution of Windows, a revolution for Microsoft Hardware


The next update to Windows will bring a new look but the same focus on getting things done. Cortana’s update brings new capabilities through the new personal assistant software.

The Surface lineup is expanding with the new Surface Courier, Surface Hub Home, and Surface 5.

Surface Courier, the tablet transformed


The Surface Courier brings new flexibility to the tablet form factor. Use the device folded and it’s a 8 inch device or open it and use the 11 inch screen to get more work done. For those looking for a more traditional form factor, the Surface 5 refreshes the entry level Surface device for students, business, and customers.

The new Surface Pen is now Universal, use it with other Windows tablets, the iPad Pro 3 and compatible Android tablets. Try the new stone charger for faster charging of the pen.

The Surface Hub Home is a new all in one that brings the power of the Surface Hub to the All in One device. Aimed at the education market, Hub Home works seamlessly with other Windows devices.


Building on the HoloLens, the Microsoft HoloPad brings Holograms further into the home and office. HoloPad allows for the power of Holograms to be used by people without strapping on a Lens. The 3d of HoloPad lets users interact with computers in a whole new way.

Coming soon the next evolution in digital White boarding for the office and home; MagicWall and Surface Hub.


* this is a work of fiction; I have no bloody clue what Microsoft is doing.

images: Microsoft


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