Bitiching about Windows, 2015 Edition

I ended up in this conversation around how Metro or un-Metro Windows 10 is. The conversation grew into a larger talk on tools and designers and the how and why Microsoft’s developer team abandoned the designer tool market.

It was all illuminating but I came away thinking 1) It is time for the Windows design team to talk about where Metro is going; 2) It’s time Microsoft brought in and promoted designer/creative developers for the ecosystem; 3) We get too bogged down in history.

I mean I like discussion the history of products and initiatives but there needs to be an endpoint. At some point the goal should be taking what you learned and moving forward. And that seems to be the opposite of what I see.

Maybe it’s me but lately the Windows user base bitches too much. We get into these petty squabbles and rehash who did what to whom and how bad. And the bitching is never ending.

Windows 8 was a problem cause it was too touch friendly. Windows 10 is now not mobile or touch friendly enough. Metro was too Fisher Price; now Microsoft is abandoning Metro and thus is made of fail.

Let me be honest as much as I like having discussions I am tired of having to swim through the current of bitching and moaning that makes up most of it. Show me how you think it can be fixed and don’t stand there like a snot nosed tween when you do it. That’s all that I ask.


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