Back on the Metro


I am about to return to trying to write about design and Windows.  It’s a topic I love exploring but one I feel ill prepared to tackle because I am not a designer or an expert in user experience.  I have my opinions, which can be strong and possibly very wrong. So I like to read up and follow people whose thoughts on design and interfaces help me better understand what  I am trying to write about.
In coming back to talking about the Metro or modern user interface I am starting to remember how contentious it can be. How I ended up on the opposite side intellectually of a lot people I respect. Sometimes I think my opinion is most likely wrong because I see progress or momentum where others see the opposite.
In terms of the Metro Design Language, or MDL, the old debates have come flooding back as I reread old articles and read enthusiast comments and blogposts. Looking at concept art and mockups I am reminded how much the MDL was understood by a lot of people; and how easily it was dismissed by others. I remember the disagreements about the principals and the whole skeuomorphism versus flat design stuff.

Didn’t miss that.
So here I am, a guy who is not a designer, wading through the UI and UX waters once more.
So here’s the plan, right now I’m going through the Windows 10 Tech Preview looking for changes and also through some of the early motion studies and previews for Universal apps; this will be a post. I want to another feature wish list post and maybe even add some information on the Microsoft design team. So check back.


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