Office for Windows 10: A Visual Primer


So at the Windows 10 Event on Wednesday Microsoft showed off what was once called both Gemini and Office Touch. These apps are essentially the mobile versions of Office rebuilt for tablets and phones. These new apps; made up of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word; were built using the new Universal application model. This new model allows the same app to be easily run on the three diverse screens Windows lives on.

Now these applications will be coming when Windows 10 launches and will be part of the Office 2015 wave of products. The news of their unveiling provides a terrific opportunity to do a visual tour which also has early concept designs for the Office apps. So enjoy and tell your friends.

Word (Concept/Universal App)

INK Gemini UX_Word


PowerPoint (Concept/Universal)

INK Gemini UX_PowerPoint


Outlook (Concept/Universal)

INK Gemini UX_Outlook1


OneNote (Universal)


Excel (Universal)


And that is it for more information on the new Office apps check out the Office Blog’s post on the next chapter.

all images: Microsoft


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