Because the World needs Windows…….

The first time I saw the team building poster for what was then called Threshold it was in a post on Re/code. That post was about how the poster was both touch-feely tag lines, and, Feeling a lot more like it came from the fictional Hooli of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” than the once rough-and-tough software giant. The second time I saw the poster, well at least the poster’s tag line, was in a opinion piece by Todd Bishop and Blair Hanley Frank of GeekWire.   

The GeekWire piece flipped the tagline and ask the question, Does the world still need Windows?

As I sit here on the eve of the next stop on the road to the release of Windows 10 it is a valid question to ask. Does the world need Windows? Does Microsoft? In a market where the mobile leaders aren’t located in Redmond, WA. Microsoft has been building up its software to be on these non-Windows platforms; the same ones that don’t have the app gap.


In the last few days the narrative of Windows 10 has shifted. At first it was about how Windows 10 was righting the wrong of Windows 8; returning the desktop to a bewildered user base. Now it is about Windows’s last stand or what happens if 10 fails. It is like watching a play that is determining whether it’s a tragedy or a comedy in the last act.

So does the world need Windows….

I don’t know. But it is interesting to note that the poster is asking the same question. It states the world DOESN”T need another operating system. If I’m honest most people could live without Windows and just use Android or iOS or Chrome or OS X; they also could get along without any of them. Software exists because someone somewhere thought it added value; and it is up to them to make the case.


Wednesday will be the day Microsoft makes its case again for Windows. It is the case they made with Windows 1.0, 3.1, XP, 7, 2000, and 8. So here’s to them making their case well.

Cause some of us do not want to sit next to the Linux guy with the cheese collection.

images: Recode/ GeekWire/ Frank Shaw (Microsoft)


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