With products you like you sometimes try to justify their us even when they have serious flaws.

I like Windows but I know Windows is flawed. I use it anyway because I am stubborn and I am stuck in my ways but I also like it for what it is. I like it because it is trying to be different even if the everyone else doesn’t notice. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy it from an enthusiasts standpoint because I know Windows is no longer in vogue. The apps aren’t there or to use Kakkar’s language they’re shitty in some areas. I wish things were clearer; I still wonder how Windows will remain relevant when Microsoft is making their services cross platform.

I mean I truly think programs and services like Office which are available on other platforms should be cross platform because that is good for users. It does make me wish that more companies respected a user and provided fully functioning apps on platforms not their own. Or that app makers would not be so hesitant in coming to platforms.

I wish as a Windows user that Microsoft would think of the consumer market in the same way it views the enterprise. Microsoft takes these baby steps toward consumers and it gets burnt sometimes and it makes them backtrack to point you wonder why they bothered. They make hardware but then they have to not do too much lest their hardware partners put out an extra Chromebook or Android tablet. I am sorry to rehash this but their PC partners and Intel have been messing around for years with things to make them less reliant on Windows.

People act like that flurry of weird ass tablets and instant on operating systems and Linux didn’t happen; that HP didn’t buy Palm and put out the TouchPad. I am not saying the Surface is for everyone, but the market changed and the partner model isn’t always the best thing.

I like Windows, I am bullish on it, but I don’t want to sugarcoat the shit that happens ( at least I think I try not too). I continue to think that Microsoft isn’t doing enough to improve app quality. It makes no sense that app makers come to the platform and then dump a shit app and it is not taken out the store. I get that Microsoft needs the number count but sometimes you need to send a message. And Microsoft needs to do more in getting designers onto the platform. I respect Microsoft platform developers but a lot of them still think design is a dirty word. It’s been over three years and the tablet space is still only being pushed on the Apple side. Yeah they make apps for Android, but past seven inch tablets you see little. It is tiring that tablet development still means designing for the iPad and not Android or Windows. And that is the fault of Microsoft

But not alone.

You know I am tired of app makers bitching about iOS and complaining about Android, then saying how they like Metro and Windows. I tire of it because it never amounts to anything. I get tired of developers saying we’re thinking of making a Windows app but are waiting on where Windows (insert version) goes. Manly because it seems to be code for user number or they want money from Redmond. Let me assure said dev it is app first then user.

I am tired of bitchy little fans (sometimes including me) who take things to damn far. There is no need to act like whiny little spoiled children when advocating your platform. There are people who take to comment pages and feedback sites and act like they are doing the world a favor sowing their digital asses. I get asking for features and thinking them important. I get wanting to express dissenting opinions or pointing out something. I do not get why you have to act like a little shit.

And while I am complaining about fans let me say some of you need to get over some things. Windows Phone fans need to calm the hell down period. Android and Apple fans need to stop acting like their perspective platforms shit don’t stank. Nokia fans need to stop pretending Nokia would’ve been fine if only Stephen Elop never came. Legions of Linux fans need to stop acting like they want regular users messing with their precious. And so many need to stop acting like Microsoft is the devil (it’s not)

And that is it. Personally I think we as fans, and especially Windows fans, complain entirely too much. I think we have reached the point where we are no longer providing constructive criticism. This is across the board. I write sometimes to vent, but more to understand and sometimes to provide an armchair solution. Bitching is only mildly cathartic and provides no fix.


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