Understand..At some Point it has to End

The enigmatic Twitter account known as the Walking Cat has been busy updating the comings and goings of various members of a group within Microsoft. This group made up of many people and disciplines was working on an operating system called Midori. Midori was an operating system not tied to Windows or the NT kernel, but a rethink in system design.

I first heard about it from journalist Mary Jo Foley in 2008. It was a heady idea; Microsoft abandoning Windows for a new OS starting over. That was then and this is now. There has never been a lot of information that leaked. The only way to tell the project was still breathing was based on the movement of people involved.

The last known info around the OS was that the team moved in the Operating Systems Group, formerly Windows. Since then there has been vague connections to new programming models and improvements to C##. Other than that Walking Cat has tracked departures from a number of people tied into Midori.

As of now I think Midori is dead; part of it stemming from a lost of patrons and also time. Maybe the it will live on given weird place Windows exists in or maybe it won’t. Time will tell.


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