Neverending Demise

it seems like the last few years has been a waiting game; a period in which many promises were made (and assumed) but never fully materialized. sometimes it seems like being a Windows users is waiting for the pronouncement that the platform is dead in all its forms and we will now have to choose between Google and Apple as places to stay. I mean how many times and ways have we heard or read an analyst or writer suggest Microsoft quit Windows, adopt Android, sell Bing and Xbox, spin off Xbox, or become a software vendor for Android and iOS?
in recent times the most persistent bit of advice has been in either running Android apps or quitting Windows Phone. The latest is longtime mobile writer Myriam Joire who suggested recently Microsoft could recoup the cost of buying Nokia’s hardware team by making a pure Google phone. Her reasoning was one we all know by now: no developer support, Android has the applications, it would probably sell.
All things that may be true.
For the past few months I’ve been in various discussions around Windows Phone and Microsoft and mobility. I have come to realize I don’t know the answer on how to fix it other than traveling back in time to make Microsoft move sooner. It seems like there is no clear cut solution that solves the app gap or developer adoption. The most widely suggested solutions, especially anything involving Android, would destroy the platform for enthusiasts in my opinion. Adopting Android would solve short term issues but also open up new ones. It would curtail native development and there would be howls from enthusiasts. It would psychic defeat even if it fixed all the issues faced by Windows Phone.
And yet as I write that I know the way it works now has not been successful. All I have is a question: What is the worth of the Windows platform to Microsoft?

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