CES 2015: It All went to The Dogs

Image: Tim Bradshaw

Image: Tim Bradshaw

The Consumer Electronics Show is happening once again in Las Vegas. Once again a collection of companies, journalists, vendors, and sellers will converge into the weeklong event. The main purpose of CES, as it is known, is mainly for vendors and sellers to gather to makes deals and stock stores. CES is interesting in that it’s the unofficial start to the consumer technology season; the cycle of new devices and software that feed the tech market.

The electronic show is a mix of small one man companies to major firms like Samsung and SONY. A lot of CES like many trade shows occurs behind the scenes; private meetings and showings. For me CES is a mixed bag, most of the show is of little interest to me and the stuff I am looking at may never reach shelves or will late in the year. CES is also noted for the amount of grousing on the part of attending reporters (honestly some act like they are being tortured by the thought of having to go).

So what has been the big trends so far?

Well there is the obvious: TVs, phones, computers. NVIDIA spent it’s keynote on its work to get into auto and introducing the next iteration of the K1 mobile chip. The Internet of Things (IoT) was touted by companies like Samsung along with new washers, stoves, refrigerators. IoT is supposed to be the next big computing platform with sensors and data married together to create a hopefully benevolent mesh of AI.

On the computing front it looks like some small victories for Microsoft. HP has announced a series new devices including new laptop workstations, 4K displays, and two affordable mini PC boxes (the Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini).

image: DigitalTrends

Lenovo announced a refresh of its entry level Flex laptops; the big change is they now fold the full 180 like the Yoga line and now come in 11 and 14 inches. The bigger news is the re-redesigned ThinkPad Carbon X-1 which looks like a Throwback with the return of the left/right click buttons and the nubbin pointer.

Asus brought Jonney Shih and he brought with him three new versions of the Transformer 2-in-1 PC line in form of the T300 (13), T100 (12), and the T90 (8.9 inch). All come with keyboards.

Samsung, which of late has concentrated on its Android lineup, pre-announced the 2015 version of the ATIV Book 9 Ultrabook now in 12 inches. Know that most of these devices will not be in stores until late January at the earliest.

Now this was just the first official day of CES and more news will be leaking so check again and hopefully I’ll have dug some more up.


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