I have a confession;

I reply sometimes to things I see on the Internet without thinking. Sometimes I return a snarky remark that I see randomly. Sometimes I jump into the many random conversations I see when I log into Twitter, even when I shouldn’t. And I don’t think I am alone.

Social media and the Internet in general makes it so easy to share everything. Random musings, funny images, and intimate moments can all be easily accessed and shared. This is great because we can’t all be there for the birth of a child or a graduation. It connects us to people we haven’t seen in ages. It also brings out the ass in people.

It seems like there is a cause and effect on the internet; whatever someone makes a comment, it must be met with an opposite reaction. Things online must be responded to. There is no such thing as a rhetorical question. Events cannot pass without comment. I mean it is so easy to hit the comment button (Touch it you know you want to).

I mean I find it hard not to respond to things I disagree with or make the snide comment when it really is unwarranted. And while I know many wonderful things come out of random conversations I also know the whole world wide web has made us all trolls on one level or another.

So next time you ready that finger to hit reply, think…or don’t I am just another troll under a bridge checking out Black Twitter.


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