Now I am not a professional writer with years of experience behind me. I am not a blogger for a big, medium, or little technology site with page views. I’m a fanboy with a touch of OCD that feels the odd compulsion to write on computing. I try to e even handed and get as close to professional and objective standards as is humanly possible.

But sometimes it is not remotely possible to do that.

This is one of those times.

Sometimes it seems like people will right anything without thinking about sources or context. In technology this seems to be par the course. Take for example a recent article written by Mary Jo Foley, “Microsoft hones its plans to try to close the app gap”, in which she writes about changes being made to the company’s Developer Experience (DX) team to better foster and facilitate relationships to app makers. Now the article also briefly covers ‘Plan B’; the idea of having Windows running Android apps to close the application gap in it’s platform. Now Ms. Foley gives Plan B a paragraph (she’s written about the subject before) but the focus was on the new approach by the DX team.

Now how did a paragraph, a short paragraph, come to be understood as, “Microsoft will allow Android Apps in Windows 10”?

I mean I know fanboys would run off half cocked about this, but the tech blogs acted as if Microsoft has now all of sudden switched and will run Android. I get the need for page views but this is ridiculous.

And then there is reporting without making it clear what you’re discussing is rumor or fake. A number of sites have been talking about supposed features coming to Windows 10 phones and tablets. Now most of these stories can be traced by to a site called the REM and their source is Anonymous and their info is real open to interpretation.

So I get people are excited and are looking every which way for information, but this is a bit much.


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