A Brief Note to ex-Employees of Big Tech Corporations

Okay hello you don’t know me but I know you, well I know the part of you that worked for (insert company) on (insert product). I followed your work, loved it, and said to hear you are living (insert company) and wish you well on all future endeavors.

Now you may take a sabbatical or go straight on to your next adventure. I’m sure you will see your name pop up on a tech site discussing your departure and what it means for the company and product you live behind. And you may even risk your sanity by reading the comments or even writing a post of your own. Now as a rabid fanboy or girl I may be experiencing a number of what we call “feels”. I may be elated (didn’t like you), nonplused, or shock (you were integral to everything and your departure is the beginning of the end). Now you as a sane and rational person will be taken aback by all this because you were of course busy with your work.

Now we as fans and enthusiasts are a lot like extreme sports fans; we are looking at minutiae anything to tell us about the future of our choice platform. We look to see if you’re living on good terms or were forced out. We looked to see if you switch products (because if you’ve stopped using it it’s a sign it is no good). I do apologize but this is life in consumer technology; loud, brutish, and online.

Please ignore us (you’ll live longer).


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