Irrelevancy Nipping

As it get closer to release there is a sense of trepidation hovering over Windows 10. There is a sense that no matter what Microsoft does, Windows is destined for irrelevancy; swept away by nimbler competitors. It’s been a subject widely discussed by analysts, pundits, and of course the fan horde. For the latter its been a weird time. A lot of Windows enthusiasts have been feeling as if they are being penalized for picking Windows. Some feel let down because it seems like Windows is constantly in waiting mode for features, apps, or devices. Some even think Microsoft is more invested in Android or iOS than its own.

It does not help matters when almost everything you read is about Windows being irrelevant, dying, too late, or someplace in between. It has become a joke to say each new release of Windows or Windows Phone is a make or break moment. There is only so many variations on lists of things Microsoft can/could/should/better do to make it relevant.

At some point I wish we could all decide if Windows is irrelevant, on what level, and how to resolve it.

Because honestly this shit has become tiresome.

At this point in time you have to have to ask what could Microsoft do to make Windows relevant or if not relevant to make its mobile futures healthy. The driving force is no longer a PC (or Mac); it is a phone or a tablet. And in this world Microsoft’s platform is a minor player in the truest sense. In fact more excitement and traction has been garnered by the company when it made an application for the iPad than it ever had with Windows 8.

Windows 10, the supposed savior of the OS, has only really gotten attention because it is focused on creating something that will make traditional desktop and laptop users comfortable. The plans for mobile around Windows are a mystery but many feel the strong possibility that it will be weak. It seems like every time I hear about mobile I feel like Microsoft will have to pull off a miracle just to get a good score from the Verge.

It seems like nothing Microsoft can do or even will do can fix the stagnation that has crept into Windows. I wonder if we have now entered the post-Windows era. Have we now come to the point where Windows is not a credible or wanted option for consumers? It seems like pushing Windows to compete with systems like iOS and Android is a Sisyphean task the software giant should close down to save money. Maybe Microsoft knows this and its why they are focusing so much on services. A tacit admittance and acceptance of this reality. Office won’t launch a tablet or mobile version of its suite until Windows 10 launches.

People argue that Microsoft is an enterprise company; that its biggest and most important customer is companies. All of that is true, but consumers are also important. Any platform that is healthy needs a varied audience. It also needs to be in the places their customers go. Ignoring the consumer market or paying it lip service will almost certainly mean Windows speeds up it ascension to the Server room. It also means Windows becomes a less attractive place for information workers who WILL BYOD the IT department to death.


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