Microsoft Prime: Microsoft’s Work and Play Bundle

I was watching an interview between Mark Minasi, tech author and columnist, and Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure on cloud computing. It was an interesting conversation and I was reminded of it recently with the release a new service bundle by Microsoft. Now in the conversation, Minasi brought up an interesting point about services and the Cloud. he suggested that Amazon with its already dominant cloud service, AWS, could be enhanced by marrying it to its consumer focused service Amazon Prime. Minasi asked Russinovich if Microsoft is thinking about something along these lines. It was an interesting suggestion; marrying cloud, essentially back end, services with consumer offerings. And while Russinovich had no response then; it appear Redmond sees a benefit to such a thing.

The Work and Play Bundle combines Office365 Home, Xbox Live, Xbox Music, and Skype into one bundle for $199 and last for 12 months. Its available  only through the physical Microsoft Stores; so the bundle will be US and Canada only. Its also not as full featured as some may hope; but it is a possible start to a future where Microsoft essentially develops a Prime service. It is interesting to note while Xbox Music is on tap Xbox Video isn’t. Also I’ve heard a few people wanting to have the bundle be more of a mix and match. As of now its limited availability will make the Work and Play bundle more of an experiment than full blown service.

image: Neowin


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