Foward Into Lumia


Last week, Microsoft announced the end of Nokia branded handsets. In a blog posts on the Nokia Conversations blog Senior Vice President Tuula Rytilä talked about the transition from Nokia to Lumia as the brand going forward. She also discussed how Microsoft’s own name would be appearing more prominently on the devices going forward. The blog post also showed off images of how future Lumias would look with Microsoft of the phones.

Rytilä also touched on how Microsoft would handle devices already in market (they’ll be supported) as well as hint to when the first Microsoft Lumias would launch. The changeover had already begun before the post. The various Nokia applications were rebranded and slowly so has the social media accounts. What the post did was to confirm what many already knew; mark the end of Nokia and the beginning of Lumia.

The post marks the end of Nokia as a phone brand and it means Microsoft is now in the driver’s seat as the biggest Windows Phone handset maker. Windows Phones growth has been largely on the back of Nokia and the Lumia line. In almost every way Lumias have become the Windows mobile device to get because of Nokia making betting on Windows Phone. Some would and continue to say that was why the Finnish phone maker ending up selling its hardware business. For me it will be interesting to see how the name change affects sales. The most recent quarter found Microsoft selling 9.3 million units up one million last year. However sales of non-Lumia phones were down. For Redmond there is a concern phones no longer branded as Nokia won’t sale; that many only bought them because of the Nokia. While information was scarce, the VP did discuss the first Lumia branded device. While many are hoping it’ll be a new flagship, I don’t think we will see one until Windows 10.

image: Microsoft


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