I am a Nerd.

I have the glasses

The arcane pop knowledge

The references from scifi shows

I’m that guy (well hopefully not THAT guy, he’s weird) and I have lived long enough to where being a nerd is now considered cool. Comics conventions have become the places where entertainment companies go to show off and get feedback. Things like superheroes have become mainstream. Hell a Fantasy show got nominated for an Emmy. We the nerd community have come into our own……and I think I am ready to make nerd no more.

Maybe I’m just old, maybe I wasn’t the nerd I thought I was, but sometimes I get tired of being a nerd. Being a nerd now means being part of the nerd category. So now I have to watch X amount of shows, read X titles, and what not to keep my nerd credentials. I have to make room for fanfic writers, ‘shippers, otakus, Whovians, and the like. And while I’m cool most times, sometimes I want to pull rank and shut them all down.

It’s gotten to the point where in order for me to enjoy something I have to cut my fellow nerds out.

But I’m an old nerd and I am probably just being crabby.


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