Understanding the Consumer Computing Market for Tech Geeks

Okay I am keeping this as short as possible and no there are no figures for my observations Poindexter so ZIP IT.

So you are a tech enthusiasts, a coder, a brogrammer, a girl who codes, or one who self identifies as a power user of great accord. For you technology is a thing to be debated, obsessed over, cuddled like a puppy, and worshipped like that golden calf that got the Hebrews in trouble. You have one (or two) of every gadget known to man and its Chinese knockoff equivalent. You are the Technology elite…..

But you are not the Tech majority.

You want to know who is, your mom and the millions and billions who use mobile devices. You want to complain about why Windows and OSX are looking more like their mobile siblings than the powerful dual core OSes they are blame the people who want to just use a computer. Blame regular users for whom power tools hinder their mastery and enjoyment of the PC they bought at BestBuy for $350.

The fact of the matter my dear PC Master Race member. The tech meek have inherited the digital earth and there is nothing you can do about it. (Well maybe you could blog about it, or do a video on YouTube, or go on Google Plus but no one uses Google Plus)


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