Adobe on Tablets

So for the last few days Adobe has made a series of announcements around tablet applications aimed at creative on the go. Now this new suite of applications joins Lightroom mobile, Kuler, Ideas, Behance, Creative Cloud, and Voice. The new apps also premier Adobe’s first hardware offerings which they briefly showed last year at Adobe’s developer conference, Max.

The new apps to Adobe’s surprising (to me anyway) iOS offerings are Adobe Line, Sketch, and Photoshop Mix. The Line and Sketch apps make use of Adobe’s new digital drafting pen and ruler called Ink and Slide. Ink is a capacitive stylus and comes with a charger holder. The Slide is as it name applies, a slide ruler that also serves to other drafting duties. Adobe says it working on expanding the software behind Ink and Slide to other pen makers.

What I find interesting about Adobe’s new apps is how tied into the Creative Cloud they are. For example Photoshop Mix (the third new app) uses the Creative Cloud to do some of the processing for Mix. Additionally Adobe uses the Cloud to share work done between the tablet and PC/Macs. Another interesting point with Adobe is that none of these apps are coming to Android. I point it out only because when Adobe began its tablet push it started on Android. Now I you’re wondering about Windows, reading between the lines of a recent article by Mary Breadscomb, Adobe is considering the possibility of porting them. Adobe is also redesigning there current PC programs to work better with touch.


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