WWDC 14: “Don’t Nobody Know Nothing”



No one knows what’s next or Apple, no one.
I remember the iPad Air launch and afterwards journalists grousing about Apple was just refining products and not giving them anything new. There was no smart watch, no Apple TV nothing that would give them the high that happened when the iPhone and iPad were first announced.
I don’t know what to expect when Tim Cook gets on stage tomorrow to discuss changes coming to the Mac and the iPhone/iPad. In some ways I don’t expect Apple to do anything radical or something beyond the imagination of journalists and bloggers. Apple is not going to merge iOS and OSX into one operating system or device like Microsoft. Cook has already gone on record about, “toaster fridges”. From reports it appears what Apple will do is refine the software.
At this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference or WWDC, I don’t expect any major hardware announcements. Both the majority of the iDevices and Mac lineup has been updated; with the MacBook Airs being the latest. Some have said Apple could refresh the Mac Mini but honestly they’d be more likely to show off a refreshed AppleTV.
So this year’s WWDC will be heavily about software. Given the banners what will be on tap is iOS8 and OSX 10.10. According to Apple watcher site iMore, the focus of this conference will be on OSX which will continue Apple’s adding iOS features to its desktop OS. Also according to iMore OSX 10.10 will see a redesign that will put it more in line with iOS7’s flat design.


Personally I wonder how far Apple will go if this is true. The flat design of iOS7 wasn’t widely well received and many Mac fans have opined the iOS-ification of the Mac. OSX has already seen some minor tweaks to icons and Apple has focused up until now on bringing features and applications. If OSX is getting a refresh, I expect Apple to toe the line carefully.
With iOS8 I expect a few new features but the majority of the focus to be spent on smoothing out the issues people had with iOS7. There has been reports that Apple is working on either home automation and/or something health related. Personally I think it means Apple is opening up more APIs to make these scenarios easier on iOS.
I think it has been interesting to see the shift in reporting on Apple in the wake of Steve Jobs’s death. More writers are wondering what next big disruption Apple will deliver next. In many ways Apple is dealing with the price of success. People are looking for Apple to deliver the next big shift in computing and anything less is a letdown.

At the end of the day I expect Apple to be Apple and for what they show to be magical and pretty. And for Brian Williams to remark on the event that Apple to show us something that makes our current devices eel obsolete.
If you want to follow the Apple news ALL major tech outlets will be live blogging the event and if you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV the event will be live streamed.

image: The Verge


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