Curse Windows and Die

Editor’s Note: Apologies for this rant but in order to continue sometimes you have to let out the id and the ego for a walk.

I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t just stop writing about Microsoft and Windows and write about Google and Apple. I mean they’re the ones around which the new computing platforms turn. Their products are the ones everyone uses. Apple makes the best laptops and has the best applications. EVERYONE uses Google and Android is ubiquitous. I mean it must be so much easier writing and watching these companies as opposed to Microsoft.

I mean Microsoft is always in a death spiral. Windows is always behind; and PCs are always cheap, poorly made devices. The ecosystem is full of people bitching and moaning about something; not enough apps, missing features, on, and on. The Windows ecosystem has to almost beg to be notice and even then it’s the kid in school everyone picked on. Hell even the people at Microsoft or worked there don’t like/respect/use their products.

I mean when was the last time anyone wrote about something Microsoft did in a positive manner? When they made Office for iPad. Maybe the pundits are right and Microsoft should just do software or iOS and Android. Or they could quit computing all together ( which was the thing someone posted today). Or maybe Microsoft could quit making hardware and pray their PC partners, who were never THAT loyal, will take them back and stop making Chromebooks. I’m sure all these options will make them look good in the eyes of Wall Street.

I feel sorry for the Surface team because honestly no product they make will ever be fully well received by the tech press; same with the Windows Phone team. It makes me think that Windows should be restricted to “pro-summers” and business.

There is a lack of designers in the Microsoft developer community which means no Secret or whatever clever but useless (and lust worthy) app will not be seen in the Windows store anytime soon. It also means having to hear from the various user stakeholders of the Windows platform which consist of: XP do or die-ers, People who want Program manager back, power users, people under the delusion that Windows 7 coming back would be like Jesus returning in Revelations, and those like myself who like Windows 8 but think it can be better.

People keep looking back at Windows XP or Windows 7 and or forgetting that the downturn in PCs started during 7. People forget that people weren’t buying Windows tablets or UMPCs. People act like if Windows went back to a pure desktop OS that all the troubles of the last few years will go away. People act like PC makers were never looking for something to replace Windows or that the partner model was unshakeable until Microsoft did the Surface.

Sometimes I think the issue with Windows isn’t Windows 8 or the Surface or the OEMs; its Windows users. We want this operating system to remain unchanged while everything around it is. We want it to be or professionals and power users and not for the person walking into the Best Buy. If those n00bs want simple they should buy a Mac or an iPad. We want PCs or people who USE their PCs and not just use them; even though all those people who just browse the web or just use Facebook make up the majority. I honestly feel we aren’t growing Windows or making it better, we’re hobbling it so it’ll belong to us Geeks and not regular users.

People act like Windows 8 was a problem but let me tell you people struggle with Windows 7 and they struggled with Windows XP. People may not want simple, but they want something they can master. I don’t think you can aim at a goal like a computer in every home on every desk and not change.

And its time we accepted that.


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