FAKE RUMOR!!! The Surface 11 and Surface 3

(This is a FAKE rumor story. Its mainly so I can get in the blogging groove. So if you reprint this as truth its ON YOU)

Today we learned that Microsoft will be holding an event on May 20 that many watchers believe will be the announcement of the long rumored Surface 8in. tablet to be named the Surface Mini. Further reports say new CEO Satya Nadella will be on hand to announce the device said to be aimed at productivity users with an emphasis on pen input.

I can now reveal from my sources in Redmond, WA that this event will also be aimed at providing a glimpse at the future of the Surface brand with a brief preview of both the Surface 3 and Pro 3 but also Microsoft’s first Ultrabook.

Starting with the Surface Mini the device will be running Windows RT but expect for the ‘Softies on stage to refer to it as Windows on ARM. The May 20th presentation will show a 8 inch device that actually has a 8.5 inch screen and thin bezels around the device. The Mini will also be noticeably thinner than the Surface 2 and will be “light” on ports according to once source close to the Surface design team. The Mini will not have a kickstand built in but will have its own version of the larger Surfaces’ type/touch covers in the form of the Smart Case. The Smart Case combines the Type Cover with a case that can hold up the Mini like a Netbook and has three stand modes. The Case’s keyboard will be backlit and come in five colors which according to my source represent the various Microsoft products. Lastly the Mini will come in either Black or White and will have LTE at launch.

During the presentation expect to see a few new apps and services built explicitly for the Mini. Two that will stand out is the new eBook service created by the Xbox and Office teams (they’ll be showing off comics from Dark Horse and Marvel) and a mobile game version of Forza. My sources are mixed on whether the Office apps for Windows tablets will appear as a preview or not.

Now for the wild stuff.

A source close to both the Nokia and Surface hardware teams has said that the two groups started interacting a few months ago comparing notes and ideas. From this love-in came a refresh of the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. It seems that next Surface devices will have a radical makeover. The Surface 3 will become a bit more tablet friendly in terms of size and will share support for the Mini’s pen. The Pro 3 will be thinner but it may also drop from being a Core I processor to Intel’s successor to Bay Trail. And this is where the Surface 11 comes in. The 11 is actually an 11.6 inch laptop that’s rumored to match the MacBook Air’s 12 hour battery life The 11 will come with a range of options and also LTE. If the 11 does well it could see both a sequel and a matching 13 inch model. As of now the Surface 11 would replace the Pro series in terms of price.

So you read it here first.


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