That’s the Stupidest Thing I Ever Heard

(This is a Rant; an emotion fueled tirade screamed into the echo chamber of the Internet. My apologies)

Sometimes you read something so damn stupid that it really makes you question why you even bother trying anymore. I admit I am a Microsoft fanboy and that I like learning about Microsoft technologies and the latest tech. I have always tried to be a realistic fanboy and understand that the OS and platform I like are not the default platforms for many.

But sometimes I read shit like this and I wonder why I even care.

So today Microsoft named a CEO (YAY!)

And with a new CEO comes the obvious question of where the company goes now. So this means a few dozen articles listing the top 10, 8, or 5 things the new head must do/face/overcome to resurrect Microsoft. Then there are the articles trying to decipher the “real” meaning behind the new CEO’s first memo and interview. And so there are blog post out now highlighting the words used or not used to decrypt where Microsoft is headed.

And that brings us to, To Grow, Microsoft Must Deemphasize Windows by Paul Thurrott. Now I follow Thurrott and consider him one the best Windows watchers around. I like that he isn’t a fanboy (we have enough already thank you). But there are times when I disagree and this is one of those times.

Now let me preface by saying I agree with Thurrott’s overall point in principal. I agree that Microsoft should release a number of its services unto other platforms. Office, Bing, Sky OneDrive, and Xbox Music and Video are but some of the services that Microsoft makes that should exist on iOS and Android. What I disagree with is the idea of deemphasizing Windows in order to do this.

I am sorry but this is stupid; only thing stupider is Microsoft forking Android. Its a mistake to for all intents and purposes “kill” Windows because a new board member has a hard on for Office on the iPad. I understand that in this new world of technology, a PC platform like Windows isn’t the focus for developers or even a lot of consumers, but its still a sizeable platform.

Realistically Microsoft will bring Office to the iPad and Android devices and while it will help Office, it could very well kill Windows and Windows Phone. I am not advocating ignoring the iPad (that’s stupid), but I don’t think that should come at the cost of improving a platform Microsoft owns.

There are some who want Microsoft to go back to being a pure software vendor and go where the customers are. They want Microsoft to focus on the enterprise because that is where the money cometh from. The problem with that is the technology industry is a mut. Very few of the companies the Redmond giant goes against sticks to their lane. Apple is business and Google has a desktop/laptop OS. All the serious contenders to Microsoft in enterprise have consumer platforms and options.

It fucking unrealistic to hide behind the Enterprise wall and hope this shit blows over.

Publicly deemphasizing Windows, will kill Windows as a platform more than it is now. Who will buy into it if the sense you get is that Microsoft itself didn’t give two flying fucks. Its like the whole idea of Microsoft going Android or forking Android to make a platform.


The only thing you get is a App catalogue and apps that don’t fit the skin you put on top of Android. Anyone familiar with what OEMs using Android go through knows the reality of this. People will bitch about app selection (because Google will not be opening the gates to Goggle Play or Google apps) and the version of Android forked (“Why the hell isn’t this Android Twizzler?”). Microsoft has a development platform and a mobile OS, what the fuck do they get forking Android?

Microsoft has a lot of challenges, but I sorry but the solutions suggested so far have just plain stupid.


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