Things I learn while (Tech) Blogging

At some point in my short time as a tech blogger I have come to realize some things:
I will never know everything about technology or computing
I am not the dude that will ever have ALL the gadgets
I am not a good gadget reviewer
In order to write about tech you really need to leave the fanboy mess at home
Fanboys have difficulty separating tech personalities from business reality
Consumer technology is not the whole of the business of technology
History is not many Tech writers’ strong suit
There are many realities in tech and only two of them are relevant for regular users and only one reflects business reality
Consumer technology is a vastly misunderstood market
There will never be enough features to please a reviewer, but there can be enough to confuse users.
Android is the answer (default response by tech pundits)
Sometimes a technology can be too early
That on rare occasions you can learn something from reading the comments section
That there are very few features NOT borrowed from other OSes
Sometimes you really get tired having to defend your point
There is no such thing as a perfect device/OS/anything
All operating systems are a work in progress
Sometimes you have to filter out the noise to get understanding
Real people see technology much differently than tech nerds
You never use computers the way you think you do
The Comments section is still the path to madness
No one will ever be satisfied
Software is never finished
There is always someone behind you

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