Look Forward

When I started this blog I did so mainly because I had bought a Zune 80 MP3 player and started privately writing about it and the company that made it. Between then and know I have gone further down the rabbit hole and too far gone than I probably would care to, but I’ve also learned a lot more than I would’ve so it balances out.

One thing though in reading about technology is there is this reoccurring theme of “If Only”. If Only (insert company) would have (insert implement, bought, adopted technology) it would be in a better position. With Microsoft (the thing I write on) its usually around consumer technology or user interface. I’ve played the game too (and most likely again) but lately its getting tired. The big problem with If Only is that its a game about the past as it doesn’t exist and a result hypothesized. Its doesn’t reflect where things are now or what can be done with the resources a company has.

I have read more about what Microsoft failed to do in mobile and about dreams of them adopting Android, than on what they have done with Windows Phone. And this is similar whether we’re talking about Apple, Google, PC makers, or Blackberry. It really becomes trite. Its why when I write I try to concentrate not on what could’ve been done in the past but what should be done for the future. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t look back but it does mean I think there is a cut off to nostalgia and old wars.

From my perspective it seems that at some point staying in the past or constantly revisiting it ultimately hinders forward progress, and that was something I thought technology was against.


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