Don’t Read the Comments

You know the problem with being an enthusiast is that you have to share your passion with other enthusiasts. You want to read articles on your thing and follow it, but inevitably your hobby or side thing is muddied by comment boards, forums, and op-eds. And you find yourself locked in digital battles with trolls and fellow fans.

And it gets ugly

Really UGLY.

Now that is not to say you can’t forge good communities or have deep discussion on that thing you geek out on. Its just that in order to have these moments you have to wallow in the mud with the trolls.

That’s where I’ve found myself recently in reading the various articles around Microsoft and Windows 8 and RT. And I think it has been worse because so many seem to be fighting over the wrong things.

I have lost count the number of articles or blog posts in which the writer was decrying how Windows 8 was unusable, unproductive, bad for users, and killing the PC market.  And Windows RT has been abused for not being “REAL” Windows.

The whole conversation around Windows 8 has been about its prowess on desktop PCs. Every angry screed typed or tweeted has been around the desktop or about features only power users utilize. And all the while the thing Windows 8 was designed for has been marching along. Tablet will soon outpace PCs in sales in the US. Desktop computing is becoming more of a specialty item then the prime form factor. People are holding onto that desktop or laptop longer and opting to buy a tablet instead.

While everyone in Windows land has been moaning about a Start Menu the world has continued to embrace tablets. And the funny thing is there is this consensus that if only Microsoft had just stuck with Windows 7 or made a Windows 7.5 all would be right in the PC world.  

Maybe it would just be simpler to be a fan of Android or Apple. I mean you don’t have to justify liking their products, except to other Apple/Android fans.

But I digress……


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