And One (Xbox) to Rule Them All



So its been a few days since Microsoft took the cover off of the Xbox One. So far the reception has been mixed with core gamers and the game press underwhelmed by Tuesday’s presentation with its heavy focus on entertainment and media.

A heavily repeated refrain has been, “Where’s the Games”.

The presentation did highlight new deals and titles from EA (FIFA and Madden 2014) and Activision (Call of Duty: Ghosts) along with new titles from Microsoft Studios including new franchises.


So what of Cores,CPUs, and GPUs? Well here’s the thing I cannot explain them and really don’t care about them, but since some of you reading do I’m linking to those that can.

The Xbox One announcement from my perch was not about appealing to the gamer or even the developer, it was simply about premiering the device. And while Microsoft did answer some questions, they didn’t answer all of them definitively. And for that they’ve been taken to task. There were also questions not asked around what the Xbox team plans for Windows and Windows Phone, we know that SmartGlass (Microsoft’s second screen technology) is now built in, but what will its roll be if any in mobile?

So to that more will be written for now here are links to articles about the Xbox One.

TTFN and all that rubbish


Ben Gilbert (Engadget) Building Xbox One: An inside look at Microsoft’s play for the next generation of gaming

Mary Jo Foley (ZD Net) Microsoft’s Xbox One: What’s Windows got to do with it?

Farhad Manjoo (Slate) Steve Jobs’ Dream Device Has Arrived (And it’s made by Microsoft. Meet the Xbox One.)

Nick Summers (The Next Web) Frustrated with the Xbox One? That’s okay, because Microsoft isn’t building its next system for you

Peter Rubin (Wired) Xbox One Revealed

images: Xbox News Wire


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