Comming Out




Today news shows, Twitter, and blogs have been reporting on the coming out of NBA player Jason Collin, who is the first openly gay male athlete currently playing in a major sport. He is not the first LGBT athlete, there are many Lesbian players like Sheryl Swoopes and Greg Louganis, but Collins is the first male athlete still playing. His coming out will go down as a turning point in history and in many ways will outshine any of his other accomplishments as many famous acts do.

From all accounts this isn’t an act of publicity but a genuine act of wanting to live honestly knowing full well that not everyone will be as congratulatory when the story dies down. I tend to stay away from commenting on such matters because of the thorniness of the issue. As much as we as a society like to talk about what happens behind close doors is none of the concern of those outside of it; we do think about it.

Jason Collins’s act is to be applauded but it also shouldn’t be fetishied for people wanting to push an agenda. In the weeks to come I hope people remember that he isn’t a cause but a person. I also hope that all sides remember that we are all people; whether we are for LGBT rights or against them. The reality is that we all live in a complex world and sex and identity is but one of those facets

image: Business Insider


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