Windows RT gets absolutely no love from the tech press or the enthusiasts; it doesn’t run legacy programs, has a small app catalog, and Intel’s new Atom chips allow for the same long battery and backwards compatibility.

Recently DigiTimes put out a story that said Windows Blue would replace RT; later RT would merge with Windows 8. Now the problem with these stories (other than reveals how little the writers did their research) is that they overlook previous statements by Microsoft on continued support for Windows RT and the simple fact that Windows RT IS Windows.

Windows RT uses the NT Kernel, the same in Windows 8, recompiled for the ARM architecture. Windows RT shares the same run time with Windows 8; its only drawback is in that it can’t run programs built to run on Intel.

Now it should be noted that Windows RT “shortcomings” were known from the get-go; you heard it at Computex and the first Build.

Now “Blue” is the codename for not just the first major update for Windows 8, but also the codename for a series of updates to Microsoft’s core products. Blue is not Windows 9, it is not a re-branded RT and it won’t replace RT. In fact it was recently revealed that amongst the Windows Blue versions is one aimed at RT.

Now given the reception Windows RT has received the question becomes what is the future of RT? Well one of the first possibilities was raised by Microsoft with the inclusion of 3G and LTE support. Personally I can see Microsoft aiming RT as a competitor against ChromeOS and Chromebooks. Another possibility is aiming RT at smaller screen sizes. With the explosion of smaller tablets Windows RT makes more sense on 7 to 8 inch tablets. A Surface RT2 that is 8 inch with a ClearType display could work. I also think that RT will be priced lower for both OEMs and consumers; mainly because people would be more apt to purchase an RT device at the $199-$300 price point. Lastly I can see Windows RT merging with Windows Phone increasing the app count but also expanding the phone OS to other chip sets


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