The Investment

This is a response of sorts to Wes Miller’s most recent post, The Stigma of Mac Shaming where he writes about the strange place Macs have in the Microsoft/Windows worlds. His point is many analysts, writers, and pundits that cover Microsoft or Windows use Mac and iPads as their primary devices; as too do designers and software developers. It one of those things that is a reality in the computing world.

The post was an interesting reminder of how extreme it can get in technology. I think about how rabid fans of Windows Phone can get, especially around Nokia, and it can get downright embarrassing. In fact I can understand people having major issues with any OS platform based on the assholery of a loud minority that needs to make sure you understand how much their platform rocks.

But I also understand where it comes from. Whether we like it or not for some of us (and I do with a bowed head claim fellowship) the OS we have chosen is a part of our identity. Its like being a Red Sox or a New York Knicks fan, you bleed the colors and you know the players. You make an investment and you expect a return. I know being a Windows fan is a bit like being a fan of the University of Memphis; you get a slight chip on the shoulder because as good as you think your team is others say they’re Meh.

The more paranoid amongst us see Apple shills and Linux provocateurs everywhere. Its hard to not sometimes shake the “us against the world mentality” when you know that the majority of the tech field lives between Apple and Google. It doesn’t matter if the writer think he or she is being balanced, “we” know that they won’t ever get SkyDrive or OneNote because that ain’t their world.

To be honest being a Windows fan isn’t like being an Apple fanboy or even an Android one because you don’t get no easy wins and you leave in constant expectation of the other shoe dropping. It doesn’t help that the Windows press has a realistic relationship with Microsoft. Week can and will go by in which body of some peice on Microsoft involves some screw-up or proclamation of doom.

We get Windows 8 and we get the “Where’s my Start Orb” to go along with it. You get tired of the bad news. The Apple stuff is often just salt on the wounds. Let me honest in the back of every fanboy or girl’s head is the notion that they have made a mistake in picking a platform.

When you see a Microsoft employee, especially one on Windows or Windows Phone use a Mac or an iPhone it makes you wonder. Is it a sign they don’t believe in the product or that what they have done is complete and utter garbage? In a market in which app count and having the “right” apps matters a sea of glowing apples or little green robots is not an assuring sign. Its a sign that the fan is a bit of a chump.

Now I’m not saying that is what that employee thinks, but it is what can be inferred by the action. Its the natural conundrum of the fan, that their investment yields them a good return. 


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