Its the Tablets, Stupid

The last few weeks have been interesting if you were watching Windows 8; IDC put out predictions, tech bloggers and pundits ate them up and spat out Windows8 is a dud (Give me back my damn Start Orb).

The last few week have seen post on how Microsoft can fix Windows 8 (hint make it Windows 7), how Windows 8 is Windows Vista (which will make those hanging on to XP cling harder).

I feel like the whole situation with Window 8 is like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day; everything just repeats itself. I mean how many times are we going to hear how jarring Windows8 is, how it’s Frankenstein’s Monster, how people want the Start button.

I mean its getting tedious.

And it always leads me back to what I’ve said about Windows 8 from the first preview on, its about the tablets stupid.

PC makers couldn’t have thought Windows 8 would take the market back to where it was. That thing with Netbooks was a fad and one that couldn’t be sustained with the way those things were priced. The PC market was already a commodity market by then. Even if Microsoft had released a Windows 7.5 it wouldn’t have moved enough units to satisfy the likes of Acer and Samsung.

The simple fact, the only one is Windows 8 and Windows RT are mobile operating systems. They were designed for newer hardware and around a new imput. They were not designed to be desktop systems. Now can Windows 8 run on a traditional desktop/laptop? Yes (and fairly well in my opinion); but it won’t be ideal if your preferred style of computing means being attached to a keyboard AT ALL TIMES.

Windows 8 and Windows RT are aimed at the growing tablet market; something I think is overlooked by a lot of people and the OEMs. Its why I’m less interested in what OEMs do with laptops and more about what they plan to ship in Tablets. Its why neither Surface device is a laptop. Tablets are where the market is now, and the sooner everyone realizes this and Windows 8 purpose, the saner everyone will be.   


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