Blue Period

With all the talk about Windows “Blue” it is easy to get confused. Is it a whole new OS? Is it an update? Is it free? And will it bring back precious (the Start menu)? A lot of talk around Blue is mostly rumor, speculation, and fanboy hope.

A lot of the Blue reports and posts seem to be what people hope it is; Windows 8 came out to mix reaction and right now people want Microsoft to “fix” it for them. This post is just to clear up what Blue is and isn’t.

Shortly after Windows 8 launched, Mary Jo Foley published a story on the first update to it codenamed “Blue”. At the time Foley wrote that the coming update (to be delivered in the summer of 2013) would add new features along with bug fixes. A while later she would publish another article on Blue, this time adding that the codename was being used company wide to describe a set of updates; including Server, Visual Studio, and Window Phone. These item were confirmed by other sites.

Now things get twisted later because of reports that Windows Phone Blue is on a different schedule than Windows Blue and may ship later. This wa perceded by news of the Windows Phone group hiring people to work on interoperability between Windows Phone and Windows on the back end. Lastly there have been posts saying that Windows 8 would include support for smaller screens (7-8inches).

So here are the known facts: “Blue” is a codname for a set of updates for Microsoft services. It may or may not include support for Windows 8/RT for smaller screens.

Everything else you’ve read…..pure conjecture


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