The Slow Crawl (Back) to the Keyboard

The repeated act of writing is an inherent confession that you as a person have clear sadomasochistic tendencies; blogging means you bout the flag.

Apologies for not updating the site and apologies still for this post which is as much a push to write something for the tasks sake than anything else. At some point I’m going to post reviews of both the CW’s Arrow and Cinemax’s Hunted. Also a brief look at HP’s Discover 2012 conference in Frankfurt. Today I’m posting links and pulling a Twitter on various topics.

Twitter and Instagram, why U no share?

Things are breaking. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Social networks were supposed to bring us together, or whatever, but that could be increasingly difficult as the social networks themselves continue to put up new barriers — both to keep users contained within their experiences and to keep other social networks out. That’s exactly what Instagram just did, surgically removing and walling itself off from Twitter in a single stroke.

Why Instagram Just Broke Itself

Recently Instagram removed users ability to view pictures shot with the app in Twitter. Instagram said it was done to provide a better experience. Recent articles like the above BuzzFeed piece describe the move in detail. It’s been interesting of late to see all these widely used web services silo themselves. Twitter especially can be a pain because limits third party Twitter clients and also doesn’t target multiple platforms. As much as people complain about the app centric model prorogating consumer technology I think the bigger deal may be the way the Web as Platform has floundered. The fact is the web model has been impacted by iOS as much as Windows, mobile, and the PC industry.

Fake Steve Jobs rips the Valley

Here’s some stunning, Earth-shattering news: You know all those hundreds of incredibly stupid startups that have been raising seed money in Silicon Valley despite the fact that the people running those startups have no experience doing anything, ever, and have no idea at all how to generate revenue (let alone profit) with their lousy ideas, because, in fact, there is no way to make money with their lousy ideas, because in fact their ideas are lousy?

Let’s All Shed Tears For The Crappy Startups That Can’t Raise Any More Money

Read Write Web’s Dan Lyons recently wrote an editorial talking about reports of venture capitalists, VCs, turning away from the glut of consumer focused startups and the resulting money dry. Lyon’s point is that many of the companies vying for VC money are poorly thought out ideas for consumers and many would be better served (as would the public) if they focused on bigger issues. I would say amen but my choir robe is in the dryer.

So until next time


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