Eight: A Preview of the Windows 8 Launch

So in a few hours everything we have known will end; about Windows that is. Tomorrow marks the end of Windows being the “safe” option in computing. Tomorrow is the end of the Start button and the desktop as we know it.

Tomorrow will be the continuing of the gnashing of teeth and wailing into the ether by those who wish Microsoft would turn away from its course. They will do all that they can to stop the Apple-fication of the Windows platform. Confusion and chaos will rain.

And that was before noon.

Today Windows 8 and Windows RT will be released to the public. I cannot tell you how glad I will be. Starting around 10, Microsoft will kick of celebrations in New York with a Tile show showing content from each area of New York and an event on Pier 57 on the Hudson River called Microtropolis. Microtropolis will recreate New York inside the Pier and from all intents look like a nice party. Microsoft is also opening a Holiday Pop Up store in Times Square where sales will begin at midnight.


In addition to new software, Microsoft will also be showing off its new tablet device the Surface. The Surface, which has recently been reviewed, is the software company’s first foray into computing hardware. So far the device has been as divisive as the software it runs. I’m going to post links to Surface reviews down below.

Today and everyday coming are going to be interesting. Windows 8 is different; there will be a learning curve. There will also be new devices; tablets, laptops with touch, and All in Ones running this new OS.

To be honest, some will run for the hills and many will be confused by the changes. This OS is a risky move by Microsoft. Its going to a place many may not want to go. But it is a risk they had to take.

So if you hear about a change in Windows, you’ve been warned. If you want to watch the chaos live go to Windows Facebook page for the live webcast

Windows 8 Reviews

Review: Windows 8, the hybrid OS has arrived Brad Sims (Neowin)

Windows 8 Review Tom Warren (The Verge)

Microsoft Surface Reviews

I should note that this is a sample of the reviews out there about the Microsoft Surface. This is a mix bag; the Surface scored well on hardware, but so-so in software. The Surface reviewed is running Windows RT. RT is Windows for ARM chipsets; the OS doesn’t run applications or programs built on the x86 (Intel/AMD) platform. Of the reviews posted the strangest is Sam Biddle’s of Gizmodo who I think needs a hug.

Microsoft Surface Review Joshua Topolsky (The Verge)

Microsoft Surface with RT review Tim Stevens with Dana Wollman (Engadget)

Microsoft Surface Windows RT Review: This is Technological Heartbreak Sam Biddle (Gizmodo)

Surface is a Tablet Windows Users Will Love Lance Ulanoff (Mashable)

Hands on with the Microsoft’s Surface RT: Can it hit the sweet spot Ed Bott (ZD Net)

More, And Less, Than an iPad Matt Buchanan (BuzzFeed)

Microsoft Surface Review Anand Lal Shimpi (AnandTech)

Microsoft Surface RT Review: A Tablet-Turned-Laptop With A Lot of Potential Joanna Stern (ABC News)

Microsoft’s first stab at a tablet: Surface reviewed Peter Bright (Ars Technica)


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