And I will call You Mini-iMe

Tomorrow in California, Apple is rumored to be coming out with a 7 to 7.8 inch tablet rumored to be called the iPad Mini or Air. The device has been long rumored and is seen as a response to the Amazon Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.  While the tech world has been abuzz about the tablets, some would like to remind folks about how Steve Jobs went in on the 7 inch tablet form factor. That it was the wrong approach;  I’d just  like to remind readers Jobs also said one thing and did the opposite.

From my small perch I can easily see Apple sucking out the air in the lucrative small tablet market. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are nice devices for their price points, but a reasonably priced iOS device with honestly the best designed tablet applications on the market will be tempting. The mini is an interesting move by Apple, because it seems like it is a response to consumer demand for a smaller tablet instead of its usual lead from the front style.  It also validates the idea that a market exists for tablets smaller than 10 inches. Somewhere the creators of the Ultra Mobile PC concept should feel pride.

Outside of the rumored tablet, Apple will supposedly also showcase a refreshed version of the “New” iPad (redesigned to house the new dock connector) and a 13 inch Retina Macbook Air.  As always here are Links to live blogs of the event.


The Verge


ABC News


PS: In Windows 8 news ASUS is preparing to show off its Vivo line of tablets tomorrow. I feel for them because they are not going to get heavy coverage. Also from the teaser, it looks like ASUS has sadly decided to skin screw with the Start screen and add features. I know some will appreciate them, but it does fragment Windows 8 in unnecessary ways. I guess Reasons for the Courier #134.

image: ZD Net


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